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5 Nature Attractions You Should Visit In Melaka For An Outdoor Adventure


Ili  •  Oct 27, 2020


Melaka is a popular short getaway destination in Malaysia, particularly for its historical attractions. But did you know that it also has nature attractions to offer? That's right! Switch things up and take a break from the usual spots with these outdoor adventures to see a different side of Melaka 😄
1. Pantai Klebang Sand Dunes
If you miss sandboarding in Perth's Lancelin, you can visit Pantai Klebang Sand Dune to reminisce the good times in Australia! While there are no sandboarding experience in Pantai Klebang, it remains a good place to explore and take snapshots along the way. It's so popular that you're likely to spot wedding photographers on assignment here too.
2. Melaka River 
Stroll along the Melaka River, which boasts a promenade that has has been beautified thanks to the many murals that decorate the shophouses facing the river. You could even opt to take a river cruise for a fuss-free and leisurely way to observe and take snapshots of the riverside attractions. For a different but no less beautiful view of the riverfront, check out the area at night, when coloured lights cast beautiful purple and blue hues!
3. Air Keroh Recreational Forest
 Are morning walks through lush forests more of your thing? Then make sure to visit the Air Keroh Recreational Forest! Trek along the various trails while soaking in the sights and sounds of the wonderfully diverse plant life and animals that live within the forest.  If you're lucky, you may spot a few wildlife friends along the way like a pink-necked green pigeon or this beautiful scarlet minivet!
4. Air Keroh Lake
To those who enjoy water sports, Air Keroh Lake is the perfect place to drop by on your Melaka trip. There are plenty of activities here to fill your day with such as sailing, canoeing and fishing. Once you're done having fun in the waters, unwind with a peaceful stroll or set up a picnic to fuel your stomachs. You can also take advantage of the on-site barbecue facilities to cook up a hearty meal while enjoying the scenic surroundings.
5. Beruang Hill Trekking Starting Point
Up for a hike that'll give you a panoramic view of Melaka? Then you should definitely be hitting up Beruang Hill Trekking Starting Point. It's a favourite hiking spot among locals and has plenty of trails that cater to all kinds of fitness levels - even for beginners.  Depending on which trail you choose, the hike can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. So make sure to plan your day accordingly! With these awesome attractions awaiting you in Melaka, it's time to tap into your inner nature and connect with the outdoors on your next trip 🌿 For more options, check out these recommended reads: