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Kunefe Co.: Get Your Freshly Made Turkish-Style Kanafeh From This Muslim Home Baker In SG


Ili  •  Aug 06, 2021


Whether you've been craving for a slice of kanafeh (also known by many spellings including kunafeh, kunafa, kenefeh and more 😁) ever since your trip to Turkey, or you're just looking for new halal desserts in Singapore to try out , you're going to love Kunefe Co.!

Kunefe Co. - Halal Kanafeh In Singapore

Credit: @kunefe.co on Instagram Kunefe Co. is a Muslim-owned home-based business that specialises in Turkish-style kanafeh. Using only halal ingredients, their kanafeh come in 6" or 8" sizes and range between $20-$28. For something a little smaller, the individual portions (3 inch) that come in sets of 6 are perfect for sharing - or even keeping it all to yourself 😉 Each kanafeh comes with a serving of sugar syrup and cream, packed separately so you can adjust the sweetness to your liking. And just for an additional $2, you can enjoy their deliciously rich dessert with Earl Grey cream!
Credit: @kunefe.co on Instagram They've recently introduced a new item on their menu - fırın sütlaç ( pronounced fur-uhn soot -lahch) which is Turkish rice pudding! Available only for the month of August, Kunefe Co.'s rice pudding features a delicate rose flavour. Sounds like a dream come true especially if you love milk-based desserts that are sweet, creamy and perfectly comforting. So what are you waiting for? It's time to treat yourself to this classic Turkish dessert from Kunefe Co. 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Order via: Instagram DM Instagram