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13 Halal Places In SG To Get Roast Turkey & Chicken For Your Year-End Office Parties & More!


Shasha Dania  •  Dec 14, 2020


Searching for that perfect halal roast turkey for an office party or special get-together? Look no further because we've found 13 halal places to get roast turkey and chicken in Singapore this festive season! 😄 The end of the year is the perfect time to catch up with colleagues, friends, and loved ones - and these mouth-watering feasts are definitely a great way to end the year on a good note and usher in the new year. P.S. Remember to check if advance orders are required, and place your order in advance so you won't risk your desired items selling out!
1. Cold Storage
One of the first names that come to mind for a festive feast is definitely Cold Storage! 😄 This popular supermarket chain has both halal and non-halal items in the festive menu, and the halal options are marked out on when you click through the Christmas Selections page. The Rosemary Roasted Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing ($59.95) is great for a centrepiece during your get-together, and if you're not a fan of turkey there's the Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing too ($39.95)! If you're planning a bigger gathering or office party, the Hearty Christmas Feast ($89.95) includes roast chicken, honey turkey ham, and even ribeye roast beef for a special treat. Halal status: Selected items are halal-certified. Do look out for the 'halal' label on the website. Order period: Now until 20 Dec (Sun) Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Now until 25 Dec (Fri), for home delivery or in-store collection
2. NTUC Fairprice
Another supermarket chain you can rely on for festive goodness this season is NTUC Fairprice. They have both halal and non-halal items in their festive menu, so do look out for the 'halal' label in the item description on their website. The Delectable Roast Turkey ($54.50) is a must-try for a seasonal treat - do note that this is the halal version, and the 'Traditional Roast Turkey' is not halal! For a smokier option, there's also the Roasted Black Pepper Rib-eye Beef ($42.80) that will have your mouth watering with ever bite. 🤤 Halal status: Selected items are halal-certified. Do look out for the 'halal' label on the website. Order period: Now until 19 Dec (Sat) Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Now until 23 Dec (Wed) or 4 days from order date, for home delivery
3. Delifrance
Credit: Delifrance For a French-inspired touch to your dinner table, Delifrance  has a whole range of both savoury and sweet festive dishes to treat yourself too. 😁 Get the Rosemary Cranberry Turkey ($148) on its own or order it with the Grandeur Festive Table ($265) for a party for 5-10 pax! There's also the Citrus Herb Chicken ($88) and Splendor Chicken Spread ($128, for 3-5 pax). Click here to find out more about Delifrance's Christmas spread! Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Now until 6 Jan (Wed) Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Now until 6 Jan (Wed), for home delivery or in-store collection
4. Swensen's
Swensen's is a classic choice for a yummy dinner out with your family - but they also have festive options you can order for delivery right to your doorstep! Check out their Christmas Catalogue to see the full spread, then head over to their online marketplace to order your dishes. Meat-lovers will want to try the Herb & Citrus Roast Turkey ($108)! You can even order a whole feast at once with their special Swensen's Giftmas Parcels, which start from $138 and feed between 4-12 pax. The Giftmas Parcels include roast meats, pastas, salads, and even their signature log cake. 😋 Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Now until 30 Dec (Wed), at least 6 working days in advance Order via: Online or at any Swensen's or Earle Swensen's outlet islandwide Fulfilment period: Now until 5 Jan (Tues), for home delivery or in-store collection
5. T Bob's Corner
Credit: T Bob's Corner Did you know that popular steakhouse T Bob's Corner has festive items too? 😍 Their Happy Holidays Whole Turkey ($128) is roasted to golden-brown perfection and is served with vegetables, potato lyonnaise, chicken gravy, and cranberry sauce. They also have Roast Beef Sirloin ($88) topped with their signature black pepper sauce, and Honey-Baked Chicken Ham ($68) cooked to tender perfection. Halal status: Muslim-owned Order period: Available now, at least 3 working days in advance Order via: Online, or call 65598527 or Whatsapp 87799127 Fulfilment period: Available now for dine-in, pick-up or delivery
6. Kenny Rogers
For a festive feast with a healthier spin, order Kenny Rogers's signature Rotisserie roasted whole chicken! Specially topped with a garlic butter cream sauce, this seasonal item comes in 1/4 or 1/2 chicken options ($24.50 and $31.60 respectively) as well as the Garlic Butter Family Meal ($69). Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Available now Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Available now with same-day delivery and in-store collection
7. The ROYALS Cakes & Steakhouse
Credit:  The ROYALS  ROYALS is known for their steaks and cakes, and they're having a limited-time seasonal menu right now that brings some traditional festive treats to your table! The Freshly-Baked Sliced Turkey Breast ($91.50) and Honey-Baked Chicken Ham ($38.80) are great dishes to add a special twist to a typical dinner. Or if you're planning for a special get-together, share a Turkey-Honey Chicken Ham Combo Platter ($85) or Roast Chicken-Honey Chicken Ham Combo Platter ($68) with loved ones! 😄 Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Available now, min. 3 days advance notice Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Available now for delivery
8. Dining in Garden Cafe
Credit: Dining in Garden Cafe on Facebook Dining in Garden Cafe is a small eatery with just 2 outlets across Singapore, but their Holly Jolly Christmas Catering spread is definitely impressive! For just $168 you can get a feast of 10 dishes including Rosemary Stuffed Roast Chicken, Baked Mac and Cheese, Nutella Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, and even Strawberry Virgin Mojito mocktails. 😍 It's suitable for 6-8 pax which makes it perfect for a mini party with your loved ones. Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Available now until 3 Jan (Sun) Order via: Whatsapp Kina (86992867) or Azhari (91696098) or Rachel (93380507) 
9. All Things Delicious
All Things Delicious is a popular eatery in Arab Street, and we're sure their Christmas 2020 Selections will be an amazing addition to your dining table! Both sweet and savoury dishes are included but the star of the show is definitely the Turkey Roulade with the Works ($169) which is stuffed with apricots, cranberries, and pistachios and serves between 10-12 pax. 😋 If you're having a small party you can also go for their exclusive Christmas Menus which serve 8-12 pax and includes a roasted meat main, appetizers, and classic log cakes! The Christmas Menus have savings of up to $50 so it's a great way to cater for your gathering. Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Available now Order via: Online Fulfilment period: Available now
Caterers & private chefs
10. Chef Taj/Cookwerx
Formerly an Executive Chef at the exquisite Paul De Maison, Chef Taj is now a private chef who dishes out only the best dishes for a truly memorable meal. 😊 Though nothing beats having a gourmet meal cooked right in your home, their Whole Roasted Chicken and Premium Grade Oven Roasted Striploin are definitely 2 must-try dishes! Halal status: Muslim-owned Dining period: Pre-order now available for lunch and dinner slots between 23 Dec (Wed) - 30 Dec (Wed). Slots are first-come-first-serve so do check to see if your desired slot has been filled yet. Order via: Whatsapp 87519181 for enquiries Facebook | Instagram
11. Manna Pot Catering
Credit: Manna Pot Catering on Facebook If you're catering for an office party or larger event, get in touch with Manna Pot Catering to try their special seasonal offerings! The packages start from $149 for 5 pax, or from $18/pax depending on which option you choose. Time to sink your teeth into Rosemary Herb Roast Chicken, Christmas Festive Ham Platters, and so much more. 🤤 You can also order bento boxes for individual convenience or add on individual items to customise it just for you and your guests! Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: Now until 1 Jan (Fri), at least 4 working days advance notice Order via: Email [email protected] Fulfilment period: Now until 1 Jan (Fri) for delivery or self-collection Website | Facebook | Instagram
12. TIGAfolks & Co.
Starting from $183, TIGAfolks & Co.'s  Christmas Festive Feasts are the perfect meal to end the year with! Choose between 4 feast options that highlight seafood, turkey, beef, or premium beef to suit your palate. Each Feast includes a variety of starters, sides, and mains and can serve between 8-12 pax so it's a great option for a mini get-together. 😋 You'll also get a Pistachio White Chocolate Log Cake so dessert is all accounted for! Halal status: Muslim-owned Order period: Available now, min. 4 days advance notice Order via: Instagram DM or email [email protected] Fulfilment period: Available now, min. 4 days after order placed (Dinner delivery between 4PM-7PM only) Facebook | Instagram
13. Grain Catering
Credit: Grain Singapore on Facebook You might have heard of Grain's bento bowls - now it's time to try their Christmas Care Packs! Whether you're ordering bento boxes with a festive twist or a full 8 or 10-course meal, you're sure to fall in love with one bite. 😁 Customise your order just the way you like it and add on a Maple Glazed Whole Turkey ($136.96) to really make things special! The 8/10-course meal starts from $160.50 (8-course meal for 5 pax), and the Buffet To Go option starts from $21.40/pax for larger occasions. Halal status: Halal-certified Order period: From now until 31 Dec (Thurs), min. 3 days advance notice Order via: Email [email protected] or call +65 31635336 Website | Facebook | Instagram

 Tell your friends and family it's time for a special meal to celebrate the festive season! 😍