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18 Best Halal Eateries In Krabi You Can’t Possibly Resist


Faruq Senin  •  Jun 12, 2019


With its relaxing beaches, tranquil waters and scenic nature, Krabi makes for a perfect getaway whether you're with family or a significant other. Credit: Giphy Besides the amazing beaches, what many Muslim travellers love about Krabi is its Muslim-friendliness. If you're planning to visit Krabi for a post-Raya getaway, we've rounded up this list of 18 halal eateries you should try! They are categorised by locations too, so whether you're in Ao Nang, Krabi town or Klong Muang, we've got you covered 🤗 P.S. Planning a trip to Krabi but not sure where to stay? We've rounded up 12 Muslim-friendly resorts in Krabi just for you!
Ao Nang:
1. De'Fish (in Ao Nang Fiore Resort)
If you’re looking for a fancy meal to celebrate a special occasion during your vacay, head over to De’Fish Seafood Restaurant at the Aonang Fiore Resort.
Credit: Peddy Cheong on Facebook The best part is you can pick the seafood yourself and have them whip it up for you in whatever style you prefer. Their seafood selection like Red Curry Tiger Prawns and Curry Crab are highly recommended. Plus, their Pineapple Fried Rice, Pad Thai and Basil Chicken are worth a mention too.
Credit: @shadi218 on Instagram With an alfresco dining area, customers would be able to indulge in fresh seafood while admiring the gorgeous view of Krabi’s incredible limestone formations 😍 Halal status: Full halal menu, no alcohol served in establishment Address: 764 Moo 2 Aonang, Muang Krabi, Krabi, Thailand Opening hours: 8am – 11pm Contact No: +66 75 695 522 Facebook [P.S. Still undecided if you should visit Krabi or Phuket? Let us help you decide with this article!]
2. Sareefah Halal Food
Located very near to Masjid Aonang Al-Munuawarah, Sareefah is a family-run restaurant that's popular among Muslim travellers. They are known for serving generous amounts of food at reasonable prices.
Credit: @aieydadunter on Instagram The recommended dish here is their mixed tom yum soup with plenty of shrimp and squid. The tom yum also has a well-balanced taste that's not too spicy. If you're looking for something to share with your travel group, get their fried fish with Thai herbs for a scrumptious meal. Their flavourful pad thai has been highly raved about too. Do note that as their kitchen is small, you might have to wait a while for your food but many travellers say it's worth the wait! Not to mention that the staff is very warm too 🤗 Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 243 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 11am - 2am Contact No: +66 75 813 840 Facebook
3. Aonang Kung Paow
Looking to dine in a nice setting with wooden furnishings? Then head over to Aonang Kung Paow for a feast. They are known for their fresh fish, seafood and amazing curries. You can also expect your food to be served fast ☺️
Credit: At Ao-nang Halal Food Krabi on Facebook If you're looking for ala carte items, we recommend getting their tasty pad thai and pineapple fried rice which is not only yummy but looks presentable too. Aonang Kung Paow also have yummy stir-fried dishes to eat with rice and Western-style dishes if you're craving something else other than Thai food. Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 18/1 Moo2, Aonang, Muang Krabi, Thailand Opening hours: 10am - 10pm Contact No: +66 96 636 8989 Facebook
4. Firdaus Halal Restaurant
If you want a taste of simple and home-cooked Thai food, this is the place to go! Firdaus is known for its cheap and tasty food.
| Credit: @yusrimatlani on Instagram Some of the recommended dishes are their seafood tom yum, green curry, papaya salad and pineapple fried rice. They also have a selection of seafood including chilli crabs 🤤 For those of you missing a taste of home, they offer Malaysian food too. Try their delicious Kambing Curry for a change! What's more, this place is frequented by locals too, so that's a sign that it's authentic 😉 Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 10am - 12.15am Contact No: +66 83 047 1106 Facebook
5. Kadai Ja'dam Nasi Kerabu (Nasi Kerabu Ao Nang)
If you're an early riser and looking for a breakfast place to fill your tummy, there's no better place to head to than Kadai Ja'dam Nasi Kerabu! They specialise in comforting bowls of porridge which will be just what you need for a pick-me-up in the morning.
Credit: Anis Amira Abd Razak on Facebook What's great is that they serve both Thai and Malay cuisines - try their tantalising beef pad thai, chicken noodles, green curry noodles or their highly recommended Thai fried chicken which is best eaten piping hot. Or if you'd like a taste of home, then savour nasi lemak and roti canai. Afterwards, finish off your meal with their banana roti 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 6am - 7pm Contact No: +66 84 051 3749
6. Pancake Rotee Yaminlah
One treat that any Muslim traveller can't miss while in Thailand is rotee. Using the same dough as roti canai or prata, rotee is prepared in pancake style with sweet toppings. Rotee Yaminlah is one of the most popular rotee stalls in Krabi!
Credit: @sarahadlyna on Instagram They have a wide variety of rotee flavours, much more than other rotee shops, and you can try unique toppings like banana+honey, lemon+sugar, cashew nut+nutella and even savoury ones like chicken+cheese and tuna+cheese. One of their hot favourites is Nutella Banana and Banana Honey 🤤 Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: Mon-Sat (except Thur), 4pm-9pm, Sun, 4pm-12am Contact No: +66 86 691 8439
7. Ao Nang Market
If you're looking for a budget option for a meal, head over to the Ao Nang market. It's located around 1km away from the beach and you can have your fill of street food at these markets. Most stalls open in the late afternoon till about 11pm.
Credit: @sahinabi on Instagram From grilled meat skewers to fried chicken, rotee pancakes and even proper meals like pad thai, fried rice, papaya salad, kebabs and more, it's not hard to find a halal stall. And the best part is, prices will be around THB50-80, so you won't have to spend so much. Halal status: Do note that not all stalls are halal. Those that are Muslim-owned will display a halal sign but they are not certified by any authority. So, we advise doing the necessary checks if you're unsure and dine at your own discretion. Address: Soi 8, Ban Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 5pm-11pm daily
Nopparat Thara:
8. May & Zin
If you’re near the Nopparat Thara beach north of Ao Nang beach, head over to May & Zin Restaurant at the food court overlooking the beach! It serves affordable food and you can dine with a view without burning a hole in your wallet 😍
Credit: @hj_choi0623 on Instagram Some of their highly recommended dishes are pad thai, soft-shell crab in yellow curry and green curry! Complete your meal with the pandan chicken and you’ll have yourself a meal to remember 😋 Halal status:  Muslim-owned. Do note that as the food court has other non-halal stalls too, there is alcohol and non-halal food sold in the same food court so do dine at your own discretion. Address: Holiday Inn Beach Walk, Nopparat Thara Beach, Ao Nang, Krabi Town 81000, Thailand Contact No: +66 85 473 5185 Opening hours: 11am – 9pm, closed on Thursdays
9. Arbadi Restaurant
Located in the same food court, Arbadi is another halal restaurant that's highly rated by many Muslim travellers. They are known for their attentive service and you can even ask the staff what kind of fish and dishes they'd recommend. The tom yum, mango salad, green curry are a must-try and their steamed fish with lemon is also really fresh.
Credit: @ruffmurad on Instagram If you feel like having ala carte dishes, try their pad thai and fried rice which are sure to leave you satisfied 🤤 For those of you who can't live without seafood, their black pepper crabs and fried red snapper are great picks! Halal status: Muslim-owned. Do note that as the food court has other non-halal stalls too, there is alcohol and non-halal food sold in the same food court so do dine at your own discretion. Address: Holiday Beach Walk Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81180, Thailand Opening hours: 9.30am - 10pm Contact No: +66 90 925 7059
10. Madina Restaurant
Located just beside the Ban Khlong Haeng Mosque, Madina Restaurant might not seem to have hordes of tourists but its food is known to be delicious!
Credit: @frankfathi on Instagram From mouthwatering curries like panaeng and massaman to spicy papaya salad and pad thai, Madina makes for a great stop over after a whole day of being out and about! Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 34/18 ม.5 คลองแห้ง ต.อ่าวนาง, Ban Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand Opening hours: 10am - 11pm Contact No: +66 81 798 7502 Facebook
11. Burger Bung
Another gem near the Khlong Haeng mosque, head over to Burger Bung if you want a break from all the Thai food. They specialise in burgers and while it's owned by locals, the taste is exceptional. They also have other Western favourites like steaks, pasta and pizzas.
Credit: @iam_maksucahaya on Instagram If you have the tummy for it, go for their special Condo Burger which costs around THB140. This massive tower of a burger is impressive and perfect for you and your fellow foodie friends. Their regular burgers are much cheaper though, around THB30-50 and not to mention their meat is really tender and they use only fresh ingredients. Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: Khlong Haeng Rd, opposite Masjid Ban Khlong Haeng, 4203, Tambon Ao Nang, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thur-Sat, 1pm-11pm, Wed, 10am-6pm, Sun, 9am - 10pm Contact No: +66 87 278 2183
Krabi Town:
12. Pak Nam Krabi Seafood Restaurant
Pak Nam is one of the well-known halal restaurants in Krabi serving local seafood. The eatery gives a very laidback vibe as it’s located along the Krabi River, so diners can enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze while indulging in scrumptious seafood.
Credit: @paknamkrabiseafood on Instagram Most of their dishes are prepared in Southern Thai-style and their seafood is freshly caught from the ocean. Try their Tom Yum Goong which is hot and spicy and their delicious Horseshoe Crab Salad 😋 Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 140 Moo 7 Tambon Sai Thai, Krabi 81000 Opening hours: 11am – 10pm Contact No: +66 81 894 9454 Website | Facebook | Instagram
13. Abubak Halal Dim Sum
Halal dim sum in Krabi? We kid you not! Here's where you can have your fill of pau, siew mai, tofu, har gow and more, and what's great is that each plate costs only THB20 😱
Credit: @rryben_ on Instagram Besides dim sum, you can also savour other appetising dishes like porridge, chicken satay, mataba, chicken briyani and fried rice so it's perfect if you want a taste of everything! #HHWT Tip: Do come early in the morning or the dim sum might be left with limited choices. Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 92 17 Vicar Rd, Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 7am - 4pm Contact No: +66 97 179 1453
14. Rabeab's Kitchen
Ever wanted to have all the Thai dishes you love on one plate? Then head over to Rabeab's Kitchen which has an all-you-can-eat buffet for just THB59 during lunch! How it works is that you'll take rice and then choose from a selection of curries, tom yum, various types of vegetable dishes to eat together with your rice. The dishes they serve can be really spicy so do brace yourself for it.
Credit: @ninifa6040 on Instagram Other than the rice and dishes buffet, they also offer Thai BBQ steamboat for THB189. Take your pick from a selection of juicy meats, prawns, mussels, vegetables and more, and eat to your heart's content! Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 3/2 Suksanran Road, Pak Nam, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm Contact No: +66 75 622 830 Facebook
15. Kanabnam View Seafood
Located amidst a mangrove swamp in the Ko Klang river, a meal at Kanabnam will be an unforgettable experience. Here's where you can pick your own seafood and it'll be served fresh from the sea to the table.
Credit: @rajahshahredza on Instagram Choose various types of fish cooked any way you want or indulge in fresh and well-cooked crabs and lobsters 🤤 Some of their recommended dishes are prawns with vermicelli, BBQ crabs and seaweed salad. The cost of dishes at this restaurant might be a little pricey but it's well worth the experience!
Credit: @rajahshahredza on Instagram #HHWT Tip: Do book in advance so that you can arrange a boat to pick you up from Chao Fah Pier. Halal status: Halal-certified Address: 30/1 หมู่ที่ 1 Tambon Khlong Prasong, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 9am - 9pm Contact No: +66 85 933 3971
16. Krabi Walking Street
If you're in Krabi from Friday to Sunday, you have to visit the Krabi Town Walking Street - an open-air shopping street with over 50 stalls set up plus plenty of stalls selling halal food too!
 Credit: @phailin_elly on Instagram Similar to the Ao Nang Night Market, you'd find Muslim vendors selling kebabs, meat skewers and other snacks here too plus plenty of Muslim-friendly Thai snacks like kanom buang (Thai crispy pancakes), mango sticky rice, coconut ice cream and more. Halal status: Do note that not all stalls are halal. Those that are Muslim-owned will display a halal sign but they are not certified by any authority. So, we advise doing the necessary checks if you're unsure and dine at your own discretion. Address: Soi Maharaj 8, behind Vogue Department Store, Pak Nam, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: Fri-Sun, 5pm-10pm
Klong Muang and Tubkaek:
17. Asama Halal Thai Food
One of the few halal restaurants near Klong Muang Beach, Asama serves quality Thai food and the family running this place is very hospitable too. Most people who've been here said they went back for repeat visits so you know it's really good!
Credit: @super.joob on Instagram Besides serving yummy versions of usual Thai dishes like pad thai and fried rice, Asama is also known for other dishes like their Panaeng chicken, basil chicken and spring rolls. If you're not in the mood for rice, you can also savour their stewed chicken noodles 😋 The portions are really generous, so if you're not a big eater, do share it with your travel buddies! Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: 203ม.3 Tambon Nong Thale, Amphoe Mueang Krabi, Chang Wat Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 11am - 11pm Contact No: +66 86 121 7319
18. Baan Chomlay by Chananikarn
Set in a relaxed atmosphere, Baan Chomlay is one of the exceptional restaurants around Klong Muang and even in Krabi. A lot of travellers who've been here say that they serve the best tom yum, pad thai and fried rice 😍
Credit: Baan Chomlay on Facebook Try their yummy tom yum fried rice and have it with a side of spring rolls or sweet and sour chicken. If you prefer something heartier, get their comforting coconut soup. Literally everything on the menu has been highly rated by visitors so do make it a point to visit this eatery if you're in Krabi! What's great about Baan Chomlay is that they provide impeccable service too. Not only do they cook well, but you can also ask them for recommendations on sightseeing. Halal status: Muslim-owned Address: Nong Thale, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm Contact No: +66 87 891 9969 Facebook Bet you didn't know you could find this many halal restaurants in Krabi! This is just the tip of the iceberg - there are many more halal restaurants in Krabi that are waiting to be discovered and we hope this will be a great start to your foodie adventure 🤗 Do let us know if we've missed out your favourite restaurant in Krabi and SHARE this with your travel buddies so you can plan your Krabi vacay! [P.S. Need help with planning your Krabi trip? Our 4D3N Muslim-friendly itinerary is just what you need!]